In the company information, we will collect all the necessary documents for the operation of your company.  We will also monitor the changes that take place.  The Safety Department will update the records when needed.

Company information


Clearinghouse is a federal program from the FMCSA. We will help you avoid losing sight of all the critical points associated with this program. Also, if your driver gets a positive drug test, we will help him go through a particular SAP program, thanks to which he will be able to get back on the road.



Each inspection must be checked for irregularities. If the inspection has violations that need to be eliminated, we will inform the driver about them. We will also monitor the correction of the violation. We will track each inspection on the portal. DOT inspection is not difficult. We know how it's done.

DOT inspection


Insurance is a very responsible part of your company.  We add all drivers and trucks to the insurance.  We also take care of the General Liability renewal and the Occupational insurance renewal.  We will contact your insurance company and monitor payments for insured events if necessary.



It is always unpleasant when a driver gets into an accident. We will be in touch to help the driver do everything correctly in an emergency. We will show you what actions he should take. The Security Department will oversee the case. The Safety Department will also consider claims related to the accident. Afterward, we will contact the insurance company to recover the damage. You will not need to monitor this. We will do everything for you.

Accidents and claims


We prepare permits for new trucks.  We send all the necessary permits to drivers.  We monitor the use of temporary license plates on your truck.  We update the state approvals KY, OR, NM, NY when they change.



The safety rating must be monitored.  We will log all statistics and all changes.  Your company's safety rating will be under control.

Safety Rating


When hiring a driver for work, he must sign several documents and go through specific checks. The Safety Department will do everything for you.  We will request all the necessary records from the required institutions.  We will also send the driver to the pre-employment drug test and check the results. We will make sure that the driver signs all the required documents for hiring.  

Driver files


We will upload all inspections that your driver or truck will go through.  We will also check for updates to these inspections and requests from DOT inspectors.



Register Med Stops. Daily check drug and alcohol test results. Check drivers if they are in the med stop. Have a Making appointment for a drug and alcohol test. Updating medical certifications and CDL information for active drivers. 
Note that the safety department is not responsible for a driver added to the logbook without being checked for a drug test.  (Only added by US office).  

Med Stop


The checklist includes information about drivers, trucks, DOT Inspection, and documents that should be in your truck.

Check lists


In this section, we will collect all the documents related to your truck and trailer by creating a database. We will also add all the permits for your trucks there.  We will follow the deadlines on the documents and notify you in advance about any expirations.

Unit files

here you will find solutions

safety department

Navigating all the rules and regulations under the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations can be time-consuming. There is a lot of documentation and monitoring required, even if it’s just for a truck. Contact us today and get on board with safety compliance.